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December 20, 2014
Svengoolie Nutcracker

Svengoolie Nutcracker with Rubber Chicken PEPPERELL, MA – After realizing that you can not buy a pre-made Svengoolie Holiday Nutcracker (not even on Svengoolie.com), I came to the realization that I would have to create one. So I did. May I present you, The Son of Svengoolie Nutcracker (serial number 00001).

This un-dead creation was imported from China yes, but his entry documents would probably raise some flags with Homeland Security, considering when he came to this country, he was a hideous looking snowman that I found on clearance at Target. But after a quick trip to the craft store, all of the parts were ready to be constructed into my new favorite Nutcracker.

Mr. Goolie is a medium-large sized Nutcracker, boasting a large top hat and a textured jacket (with blue silk pocket square), holding an authentic rubber chicken. His base has a rubber mouse, a small skull and several bones. His facial makeup is acrylic paint, and I believe, captures the "softer, more sensitive" side of Svengoolie.

Total project time estimated at 4 hours or so, depending on your patience level.